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Why This Blog?

The Recliner GM Sports BlogWelcome to The Recliner GM Sports Blog – where you get basketball, baseball and football insights, predictions, wild speculation and idle conjecture from two Philadelphia guys who probably know less than you.

Sound familar to every other sports blog on the Internet? It is (except for the fact that most other sportswriters often think they know more than everyone else). That’s the nuts and bolts of any blog about sports. Now you’re probably wondering why the Recliner GM is different. What sets us apart from all the other dudes yacking about sports and expressing their opinions, right?

Why We’re Different:

  • Philadelphia sports focus – Being two guys (Pete & Dannie) who grew up right outside the city, we both have developed an affinity for the local teams: Sixers, Phillies, Eagles, Nova, St. Joes. Sorry we don’t do hockey here. That means a tone and emotional connection other Philly fans can relate to.
  • Posts with substance – Very rarely will you just get regurgitated news here. Rather, look for unique posts with historical context like this one. When we do report current events surrounding the hometown teams we will bring an in-depth analysis from a fan’s perspective that is usually different from the reporters’ views. No “Here’s what happened” on this blog; ESPN does it better and faster anyway.
  • We really do our research – Maybe the best thing we’ll bring to the table is unique stats and research on the various topics we’ll cover, like here if you like Allen Iverson or here, here, here, and here if you follow the Phils. Pete is a baseball stat genius in my opinion, and I am completely obsessed with basketball stats and history.
  • Interaction – We respond to any and all comments directed toward us and what we write so you can expect great discussion. That is something you don’t get from a lot of blogs who are too cool, too big, or just flat out lame.
  • Fun – Can never forget this aspect. Gotta have some light-hearted posts like Zumoffisms and what Pete really wanted for Christmas.

What’s In It For You? Why Read The Recliner GM Sports Blog & Visit Often?

Unique stats, original articles, Philly sports news and a place to talk sports with other fans all in one place.

Go ahead… subscribe today and join us for lively basketball and baseball debates and share your sports insights and love for the teams in the City of Brotherly Love.

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  • Extreme credit must be given to Troy Brian for his masterful design in creating our banner, as well as many other images on the Recliner GM Sports Blog.

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