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I graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2005 with a degree in Film and Television. From there I worked for the Philadelphia Phillies for 2 years in the sales department. While there, I made a video of all the home runs hit at Citizens Bank Park in the first 2 years which was sent to the construction co. that built the stadium and resulted in the left field fence being moved back in 2006. I also wrote the “talking points” every year for the sales department – essentially a collection of baseball statistics that helped the reps talk to angry fans on the phone about the team.

I have an unnatural and unhealthy interest in sports. My teams are, in order…Philadelphia Phillies, Notre Dame Football, Philadelphia Sixers, Philadelphia Eagles, Notre Dame Basketball, Villanova Basketball, St. Joes Basketball.

I am obsessed with statistics. I love baseball because everything that every player does can be measured by numbers in some way. I am currently working on a book entitled The 100 Greatest Individual Seasons in Baseball History. Ranging from 1920-2007, only one season per player. Should be done around 2010. Part of the reason I am doing this blog is to hone my writing skills for when I get done the research aspect. I also follow college football and basketball recruiting very closely. When you are a die hard college football fan, recruiting is like the NFL Draft, only its all year long, and you can get as many of the best players as you want.


2 Responses

  1. I enjoyed reading your articles. I’m most interested in the baseball comments. I think Jorge Posada should have been included in MLB best catchers.

    Congratulations! Good luck with your book.

    Love, Pop

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