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My Sport Background:Played baseball for 6 years as a little dude until I really got hooked on basketball and gave it up around 8th grade (good thing I have Pete to cover baseball better than anyone). Played basketball all through high school not really making an impact until senior year when I finally started. Moved on to King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, PA where I played Division III hoops for 4 years. Had a little bit of adversity as a frosh, but I worked my ass off and ended up starting my last 3 years, made two all-conference and all-academic teams and scored over 1000 points – overall had a pretty nice college basketball career that I am proud of and miss everyday.

I got hops! At only 5’10, I get up!

Favorite Sports teams:

Philadelphia Sixers

Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia Eagles

UNC Men’s Basketball

What I do now: I am a Product Marketing Manager with Progressive Business Publications in Malvern, PA and head marketer of the Executive Reports division.


3 Responses

  1. Hey got your comment. Yea I am very new at this and wanted to get all the basics I wanted onto my blog. I basically was looking at a few and urs was the best looking, smoothest, easiest to read and navigate. I understand I did copy a little too much and am working (learning – teaching myself a lot of html and stuff) to change it. I really want a new template, but dont want to pay to upgrade. I mean this is the best template by far to choose from thats free. So nothing I can about that at the moment. Take it as a compliment, ur blog is sweet, and I only hope to get some notoriety like you guys do in the future. I noticed Kings College In WB huh? Im a Bloomsburg grad. NEPA, its a different world up there huh. Played my freshmen year but quit after a new coach came in, same scenario in high school too, didnt get much PT til senior year.

    Oh and that Zumoff-ism (Dial 1-800-ANDRE MILLER), try and youtube it, it was a classic.

  2. Dannie,
    Nice job on the “random thoughts” covering the Tenn/Memphis game.

    Take care of my kid. She is my baby!

    Mr. T.

  3. Very nice blog. Mind if I blogroll it?


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