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Stop Me When You’ve Heard This Before…


Tom Gordon

I know it’s just Opening Day, and it only counts for one game – but the Phillies inability to play decent baseball out of the chute EVERY year drives me absolutely crazy. The last 2 years, they have started off 1-6 and spent much of the start of the season just scratching to get back to .500. Hence, the team is always playing catch-up until their yearly August/September surge. Since 1995, they have only ONCE started the first 4 games at or better than 3-1. Here are their starts since 1995:

2007: 1-6
2006: 1-6
2005: 1-3
2004: 1-6
2003: 2-2
2002: 2-2
2001: 3-1
2000: 1-3
1999: 2-2
1998: 1-3
1997: 1-4
1996: 2-2
1995: 2-2

Anybody have any theories? I always thought it was the managers’ job to get the players ready for the start of the season, but this trend has continued over several managers. Another thought is the inability to adjust to the cold weather after spending the spring in Florida, but it’s not like we are the only team doing that. I’m more or less convinced this is part of a city-wide conspiracy to drive me legally insane. (Note: As I’m typing this, Jayson Werth just walked to start off the 7th – I’m hoping I can delete this entire post before all is said and done) (Awesome Update: J-Roll just tied it with a 2-run homer. Like I said, he may have a down year this year) (That’s More Like It Update: Thanks Tom Gordon – I appreciate it. Second straight year a pitcher has blown it in the 9th to start the season.)


3 Responses

  1. look at it this way, even if we lose the next 2 games, the mets still wont be in 1st place thanks to the nats. chasing the nationals has to be easier then chasing the mets.

  2. It’s early, Gordon’s ERA will improve from here. HA!

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