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MLB Predictions

Thought I’d get these out there before we get into the season. The only change from my MLB Preview is that I’ve swapped the Angels and Mariners due to the injuries to Kelvim Escobar and John Lackey. In all honestly, I want to pick the Dodgers for the NL Wild Card over the Phillies, but I’ve always said once the Phillies make it over the hump and make the playoffs, I’ll have a lot more faith they can make it again, so I’m going to stick with that.

 NL East

  1. New York Mets
  2. Philadelphia Phillies*
  3. Atlanta Braves
  4. Washington Nationals
  5. Florida Marlins

NL Central

  1. Chicago Cubs
  2. Cincinnati Reds
  3. Milwaukee Brewers
  4. Houston Astros
  5. Pittsburgh Pirates
  6. St. Louis Cardinals

NL West

  1. Arizona Diamondbacks
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers
  3. Colorado Rockies
  4. San Diego Padres
  5. San Francisco Giants

AL East

  1. Boston Red Sox
  2. New York Yankees
  3. Toronto Blue Jays
  4. Tampa Bay Rays
  5. Baltimore Orioles

AL Central

  1. Detroit Tigers
  2. Cleveland Indians*
  3. Chicago White Sox
  4. Minnesota Twins
  5. Kansas City Royals

AL West

  1. Seattle Mariners
  2. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
  3. Oakland Athletics
  4. Texas Rangers


Division Series

Diamondbacks over Phillies
Mets over Cubs

Indians over Red Sox
Tigers over Mariners

Championship Series

Mets over Diamondbacks
Tigers over Indians

World Series

Tigers over Mets

Regular Season Awards

NL MVP – David Wright, Mets
AL MVP – Miguel Cabrera, Tigers

NL Cy Young – Johan Santana, Mets
AL Cy Young – Eric Bedard, Mariners

NL Rookie of the Year – Kosuke Fukudome, Cubs
AL Rookie of the Year – Evan Longoria, Rays


3 Responses

  1. NL West has 3 playoff teams fighting to get in, if the Dodgers slip I”d be shocked if the Rockies don’t make it again. How’d the Phillies get better than boththe Dodgers and Rockies. I don’t see it. Sounds like you’re just being a homer…

    As a Yankee fan, I’ll admit it. We’ll be over .500 but not in the playoffs, just not enough pitching. I think you’ve nailed the AL

  2. the selection of the phillies over the dodgers was kind of a homer pick. as I noted, I wanted to pick the Dodgers, but I always said the Phillies just needed to get over the hump and then they would have a great season – so I’m sticking with that.

    as for the Rockies, they weren’t even close to the playoffs until they went on their historic run. Here’s what I said in my Rockies preview

    “On the morning of September 2nd, 2007, the Colorado Rockies were 69-66, 5 1/2 games behind San Diego for the wild card. Then, they went on one of the greatest stretches of baseball in history, going 20-7, including 11 in a row, to win the wild card. In the playoffs, they won 8 straight, before losing to the Red Sox in the World Series. The question for 2008 is this – Was the first 135 or final 27 games the most indicative of the team the Rockies will be?”

    “I think that the first 135 games of the Rockies season last year is more representative of their talent level. They are a very good team that would probably make the playoffs in another division, but I see them taking a step back this year. After Jeff Francis, I don’t think their rotation has enough experience, and although I love Manny Corpas, I don’t think their bullpen will be quite as good as last year. However, with Ubaldo Jimenez and Franklin Morales getting a full year under their belt, they could both be primed to break out in 2009 – when I think the Rockies will be very dangerous.”

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