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Post Birthday Sports Blogging

Finally!  Back sports blogging again.  I have been caught up in March Madness, then Easter came, and Monday was my birthday which I planned on posting then.  But I got this new laptop, and after 45 minutes on the phone with Dell support yesterday I finally got it working right after 3 days of frustration.  A lot has happened since my last post and much more to come.  So lets get right into it.

  1. The 76ers are two games above .500, the 6th seed in the Eastern conference, only a half game behind Washington for the 5th seed (not necessarily the best thing) and 3-0 since their loss to Orlando and back playing at a very high level.  They bounced back, in an ugly game against the Nets where Andre Iguodala dominated down the stretch.  Oh, by the way Richard Jefferson sucks and is clearly the weakest Arizona player of the bunch.  Follow that win with a percieved shocker over the Boston Celtics, again Iguodala played well in crunch time, and the Sixers went on a crazy 19-0 run to seal the deal.  Then they beat up on the disfunctional Chicago Bulls.  Check out Sixers 4 guidos for game recaps.  What I really am happy about: the Sixers WON’T be one of those sub .500 teams to get in the playoffs from the East.  The way they have played lately has spurred questions in mainstream media about whether they will win a playoff series.  How far we have come.
  2. Villanova dominates their way into the Sweet 16 over Siena.  The Wildcats look very strong right now, and Scottie Reynolds might be playing his best basketball at the perfect time.   I can’t wait to see how they fair against Kansas, a team Coach Roy Williams said doesn’t have any weaknesses.  Scary thought for Jay Wright and Nova, but I think they can definitely make it a game, if not provide the biggest upset of the tournament thus far.
  3. The Recliner GM will be moving soon.  Here’s a few things to look for…
    • We will be using the WordPress software with our on Web host.  Meaning – we will have significantly more flexibility to do whatever we want going forward.
    • New domain name – http://www.reclinergm.com/
    • New blog theme – Way too many people have the current theme we are using, especially sports blogs.  I am tired of blending in with the pack.  We are currently reviewing new themes now so if you guys have some ideas, thoughts or feature you like or want to see let us know.
    • Advertising – With the move comes new costs we currently don’t have so we will begin advertising on the blog.  We will strive to keep them unobtrusive and as sports-related as possible.
    • I have some new ideas to expand my 76ers coverage to provide enhanced and somewhat unique content for you guys.  As always if you have any thoughts to make the blog better shout them out.
    • Finally, we have been thinking about splitting the blog in two.  The Recliner GM would be our general sports blog and Philly GM would be all Philly sports all the time.  It really comes down to whether Pete and I can provide enough content for two separate blogs. What do you guys think?
  4. Tomorrow Pete and I will be at the Wachovia Center all day competiting in a team shooting competition in support of Junior Achievement.  So look for some photos of us doing our best 76er impersonations on the court.  I am hoping Ed and Mo will be around so I can show them I can come off the bench and knock down the three for the playoff run.  After that we will be at the game tomorrow night to witness first hand how Shaq is fitting in with Phoenix – and of course watch the Sixers get another win against a quality opponent.

That’s all I got for now.  Who will be first in the comments this time?


8 Responses

  1. Best of luck on the new blog. Don’t aplogize for selling ad space; that is the only way to make money. I have one piece of advice that you may or may not like: You should occasionaly try to write a piece that is Deadspin.com worthy–that is, wildly sarcastic, humerous, or insulting, because I know one link to Deadspin will tremendously increase your viewership, which means more advertising dollars. Also, to take some of the load off your own back and expand discussion, you should encourage some of your most loyal readers to submit their own relevent articles for posting.

    Just a few ideas…
    I think you guys are doing great.

  2. Gargs – I completely agree with you on both points. We will likely add a page asking for guest posts to help fill out the blog with new/different content. Getting on major blogs is a challenge and something we definitely will look to do more of, we’ve been lucky enough to get on NBA.com twice now. Apparently Pete has done a pretty good job of infuriated Royals fans.

  3. I think you and Pete both do a good job of objectively presenting your stories and it should probably stay that way. It would probably be better to invite your guest blogger’s to write the controversial type “stir the pot” stuff.

  4. Dannie and Pete,

    Though I was mildly surprised that the Royals have enough fans to have their very own sports blog, I hope you guys are not deterred. Remember, in addition to the Royals, they’re also shackled to the Chiefs, so don’t listen to what they say. I have to say that, for once, I agree with Gargs here; I think you guys do a great job of spelling out the facts and thoroughly analyzing the subjects you choose, and it might be perfectly complemented by the occasional off-beat satirical or humor piece. Needless to say, you don’t often have to look pass the first few headlines on espn.com to find something that’s worthy of being lampooned or critiqued. Anyway, that’s my two cents, keep up the good work.

  5. good to read Dannie, well done

    More Sixers coverage is always welcome

    btw I would like to do some of the changes you are making (domain, graphics, theme, advertising etc) as well, but my inability at that is just as big as Reggie Evans from the line

    can’t wait to see the new site, kudos

  6. also, what’s the deal with both of you giving shout-outs to your own birthdays?

  7. GARGS, we have become self involved now that we are bloggers. ha ha

  8. We’ve moved, and comments are closed here. Please head over to http://www.reclinergm.com to continue the conversation.

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