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Take a Look Inside the Philadelphia 76ers’ Locker Room

According to the 76ers’ PR people the Sixers are the only NBA team that allows fans in their locker room. I don’t know if that is true or just PR propaganda to shed a positive and unique light on the team; either way it is pretty cool they let fans in there.

As you already know, Saturday I was at the San Antonio game. I went with my gf who got tickets through her college’s (Franklin & Marshall) Philadelphia alumni chapter. (The Sixers’ VP of Sales is an F&M alum.) They raffled off a chance to walk through the 76er locker room during the game. And with my luck, we won (16 in 120 chance). There was a downside though. The tour was during the entire 3rd quarter! Well, the die-hard fan that I am I decided I couldn’t miss an entire quarter so my gf went instead. Below are the great pictures she got during the tour. Enjoy.

NOTE: I had a picture of the 76ers’ whiteboard before the San Antonio Spurs victory on here when I first posted this article. After some thought and being contacted by the Sixers organization I decided to take it down. Why? As loyal fans of the Sixers we can’t have the team’s plays and strategies posted on the Internet for opponents to figure out how we are kicking their @$$es, now can we? Let’s go Sixers!

Andre Miller's Lockers
Above: Andre Miller’s two lockers. Count ’em, he has 30 boxes of sneakers.
Sixers' workout room
Above: Sixers’ workout room
Sixers' pre-game workout
Above: Sixers’ pre-game workout
Sixers Lockers
Above: Louis Williams – sportin’ the pink button-up (left), Thaddeus Young (middle), Willie Green (right)
Sixers Lockers
Above: Andre Iguodala (left), Louis Williams (middle), Thaddeus Young (right)
Center of the Sixers Locker Room
Above: This is the center of the 76ers’ locker room. The lockers shown above are located to the right.
Wilt Chamberlainimage and John Wooden Quote in Sixers Locker room
Above: Is the hallway outside the showers. The entire locker room and hallways are covered with similar images and quotes.
Charles Barkley image in the Sixers locker room
Above: This is part of a huge image of Charles Barkley in the locker room with a very famous quote all Philadelphia 76er fans should be familar with.
Charles Barkley Quote in the Sixers Locker room
Above: Continuation from the Barkley image above. This is one of his most famous quotes. Gotta love that the image is the Round Mound dunking against the hated Boston Celtics.
Maurice Cheeks office in the Sixers locker room
Above: Maurice Cheeks’s office in the locker room with the assistant coaches’ area in that back room. Is it just me or is this pretty low budget?

11 Responses

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  2. I had the dubious honor of playing at the Wachovia (Corestates or First Union at the time) Center when I was in 8th grade on an AAU team and we used the Flyers locker room. It was exactly the same as the Sixers looks above.

    Kinda shitty if ya ask me for a professional sports team, expecially one with a nice size market and some history around it. The workout room looks SMALL and kinda crappy as does the coaches quarters. Is that a fold out metal chair??

  3. […] Take a Look Inside the Philadelphia 76ers’ Locker Room According to the 76ers’ PR people the Sixers are the only NBA team that allows fans in their locker room.  I […] […]

  4. Brian – I think the locker room is probably middle of the road in terms of amenties and size in the NBA – and maybe a bit small considering Philly is one of the bigger markets. But, I absolutely love the theme of the locker room and the images. Much better than looking at boring blank walls before a game. Think of it as unconscious motivation.

    Next Friday Pete and I will be playing on the Sixers floor before the Phoenix game in support of Junior Achievement. We will have some cool photos of us showing the Sixers how to shoot the 3-ball.

  5. Wish there was Roids and Natty Ice like the 93 Phils. Oh yeah, and fat guys too.

  6. What is photo-shopped out of Thadeus Young’s locker?

  7. Joe – no photoshop work done, kid has nothing in his locker.

  8. Rest assure that the locker area of the Wachovia Center is at the bottom of the new arenas as far as luxury, technology amenities and overall general esthetics. It’s no secret that our owners are flat out cheap. To their defense, however, none of them at one point or another owned and sold an internet company. There’s no cap on spending money at your facility and when you got a few bill…..eh, what the heck.. I actually like the look though. It fits with our blue collar style of play. There are a lot of teams out there with a better locker area who got their ass kicked in by us this year. It’s definitely not a dump and it’s not a Palm Springs spa either and that’s good for my gritty team.

  9. Dan – agreed. I like the locker room in terms of the decor. But I think they could have given the players a little more room so they aren’t piled on top of each other while they are in there. No need for the Xbox and Playstation. I want these guys focused on the game.

  10. waw.. that’s a whole lot of shoes!

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