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Someone Just Solidified NCAA Player of the Year

Tyler Hansbrough Dunk

Is there any question who the national player of the year in college basketball is now?

I am a huge UNC fan, always have been and always will be.  In my time following the team, there has never been a more likeable player than Tyler Hansbrough, and today was just another example why.  He does everything well on the college level, but that isn’t enough for him.  Every game he goes out there and works harder than any other player on the floor.  If their was a picture in the dictionary next to the phrases “leaves it all on the court” and “plays hard every single possession” you would see Tyler Hansbrough.

Hometown standout Wayne Ellington finally got his shooting stroke going to help UNC get in position to avoid a major upset to Virgina Tech.  But it was the feverish hustle on both ends of the court and relentless offensive rebounding by Tyler Hansbrough, capped by the 15-foot jumper that he worked so hard on that won that game for UNC.  This kid never ceases to amaze me.  And I just wanted to dedicate one short post to say something I have said all year…

Tyler Hansbrough is the unanimous national player of the year in college basketball this season.  There is no debate.  No ifs, ands or buts about it.  He typifies what college basketball is all about.  Not only is he a great player on this level, he is a team guy without an ego, an undeniable leader, and by all accounts a great person.  What more does he have to do for the ridiculous speculation that Beasley might win to end?

Absolutely Michael Beasley is having an unbelievable individual year.  He is easily the best talent and pro prospect in college basketball.  But if he wins the player of the year it would be a sin

I’m done.


11 Responses

  1. You are retarted. Tyler Hansbrough is way way overrated. I think it would be a sin if he did win the player of the year. Not to mention he looks like a four year old with tourettes.

  2. Jared you found a way to misspell retarDed and still give a fantastic argument. There is no way I can compete with that level of intellect.

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  4. retarted? Hilarious response by Dannie. A small point, it is Tourette’s not tourettes.

  5. Jared you are a f’ing cock smoker. Hansbrough is not overrated. You are probably just a bitter Wolfpack fan, if I had to guess. Go suck nuts at the bottom of the league if you are. If not, go suck nuts anyway.

  6. Whoa, whoa whoa Jordan. Not that I don’t agree with your comment, but we are better than that, so lets find a less vulgar and more clever way to attack a pretty idiotic comment. Carry-on.

  7. jared.. I think everyone else did a pretty good job of summing up the fact that you’re an idiot. However, I feel led to remark upon the two remaining points: 1) Have you ever watched Tyler play??? (I feel certain that either you haven’t done so, you’re visually impaired, or you’re just too incredibly close-minded to extrapolate the information) and 2) look at his numbers and accolades. The ACC coaches aren’t idiots like yourself. Go and study the game, play it at the minimum, or just shut up.

    P.S. Dannie, while I would love to agree with you… please shed light upon what clever comment the rest of us should say. UNC fan, Duke fan, UCLA fan, or “whoever fan,” his comment was simply void of reason. Sometimes ‘vulgarity’ is the only pertinent response when dealing with ignorance. Otherwise, you’ll just end up slapping your hands at center court and thinking you’re accomplishing something. Go Dookies. All the best.

  8. Zach – your reply can be used as an example for how to respond to a troll like that. No need for cursing or vulgarity. Otherwise what makes you better than him when you respond that way?

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  10. Wasn’t sure if you guys saw this. It is clearly the worse and most ignorant article of the year.


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