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Letdown My @#$ – Sixers’ Comeback Quiets the Skeptics

Philadelphia 76ers comeback to beat the Chicago Bulls

Tell the truth, how many of you either turned the game off or accepted the loss when the 76ers were down 16 points at the beginning of the 4th quarter?

You look at the lackluster line-up of Sixers reserves on the floor, and everyone is saying “Ok, this game is over.”  In fact Mark Zumoff and Bob Salmi had a whole conversation about when Mo Cheeks would concede the game and rest his starters, knowing they had to play the defending champs tomorrow. 

No no no.  Those “scrubs” led by Rodney Carney decided this game was far from over and went on an 18-6 run.  Insert Andre Iguodala and that run goes from a valiant effort that proves fruitless to a remarkable comeback marked by an uncharacteristic weapon.  The 3-point shot.  The Sixers were 4-7 from behind the arc, with three of those triples coming during a minute and a half burst which gave them their first lead since 2-0.

This team continues to get better, show signs of being a real winner and flat-out impress me.  I was so excited when the Sixers came back and won that game for a few reasons.

  1. Shut up the doubters who quickly started talking letdown after the Detroit win
  2. Another great coaching job by Mo Cheeks (I will get this in every time I can)
  3. The team showed no quit – a trait Philly fans should appreciate more than anything
  4. Young players stepping up – I must give props to Rodney Carney since I have not been a fan since he got to the team.  He has played out of his mind the last two games.  He is rapidly converting me into a believer that he could be a solid role player in this team’s future.
  5. They are keeping my 6th seed upset dream alive

Well done, 76ers.  I will be loud and proud at the Wachovia Center tonight when they face struggling Spurs.


I think someone lost a bet.


9 Responses

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  2. Only recently discovered your blog and I love it. I’m a Philly guy living in Atlanta and I’m always on the search for positive and honest observations and comments.

    Keep it up and you’ll reach profootballtalk.com status before you know it.

  3. I’m not living in Philly, but it I were I’d be going down to the Wachovia to give every bit of support I could to these youngsters…they’ve deserved it

  4. This team is dangerous.

    Still no press.

    Mo just knows his guys and is just pulling out every single drop of energy, hustle, talent and determination these guys have.

    Carney is fearless. Looks like Stefanski’s talk to Rodney’s agent was the right thing to do. What hasn’t gone right since Ed took over? Even the Kyle deal is right.

    I’d hate to be Orlando, Detroit, Cleveland or Toronto…or whoever they play in the first round.

    The Sixers are bringing it!

  5. I can’t believe Carney… carrying the team to back to back wins? He deserves to to be the player of the week.

  6. Dre – thanks we try hard to be an honest voice of the fans and always welcome any comments.

    One word almost fully explains what is going on with this team right now – confidence. Every player’s confidence is probably at an all-time high right now with Rodney Carney leading the way. Can’t wait to see how they come out tonight against a Spurs team that is struggling and maybe just worn down at the end of the year with all the older vets.

  7. Big Rod Carney. Had him in my fantasy basketball challenge last night as well. Oh and where you at khandor.

  8. This was one !@#$ of a win…about time we have a classic bucket and pail team to root for in Philly again!

    I still don’t think anyone should be nutting all over ourselves and this team yet…we have an absurdly tough schedule coming up, have no 3 point shooting, and in the future are relying on getting lucky with landing Brand (10% chance), or striking big with a legit 2 guard or PF in the draft in order to get a final piece to mesh with this team.

    But man…it’s nice to see an NBA really digging deep and pulling out gutsy playing like we are…very, very impressive. Go Sixers!

    (I’m very worried about the Spurs…Duncan has always had his way with Sammy D)

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