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The Beginning of Hoops State of Mind

Hoops State of MindWith Pete, the other half of the Recliner GM, being the brains behind all of the comprehensive and remarkable baseball analysis, insight and writing, I am confident baseball will be covered at a very high level.  Since I think I know a little something about basketball, I’ve decided to try out a recurring segment called the Hoops State of Mind to supplement all the Sixers and Philly sports talk.

Why start Hoops State of Mind?

It can not be understated, I love basketball – period.  I love watching, reading, writing, discussing and most importantly playing basketball.  This blog is the perfect channel to fulfill many of those points. 

When the Sixers and local college basketball teams aren’t playing, this is where most of the basketball talk will come.

Ok, so what will Hoops State of Mind be?

Basically, whatever random basketball thoughts that come to mind that I want to write about.  I am trying to add some variety.  Hoops State of Mind posts will be shorter (sorry for the novels), pretty random, more fun, less dense and conversational (the more comments the better).  

With that said I do have some recurring items in mind that will pop up here and there.  As you can see they all have obvious basketball flavor.

  • Off the Glass – Thinking something like a basketball-related question or bouncing an idea off the readers.
  • The Blackboard & The Pick-and-Roll – This is where I plan on talking strategy, highlight plays and analyze the numbers.
  • Rebounds and Assists – Grab some interesting basketball links from the blogosphere and share.  Get it – “rebounds” and “assists.”
  • The Flagrant Foul – Criticism of any and everything bad that has happened recently in the game.  Literally could just be a picture that expresses that sentiment.
  • The Buzzer Beater – The opposite of The Flagrant Foul.  Any and everything good that has happened recently in the game.
  • The Shooter’s Roll – I like quotes so this is where I will share some of my favorite quotes about basketball from anywhere I can find them.
  • A Fresh 24 – I don’t know what this one will be, but I like the term.  So I am sure collectively we can come up with something good, right?

There you have it.  Hoops, hoops and more hoops.  If this segment works out and people are feeling it I will likely move it to its own blog (don’t steal my idea – good ones don’t come very often or image).


What do you think of the logo?


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  2. Love the idea and the name!

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