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76ers Prove They’re No Fluke Against Detroit

Andre Iguodala dunk against the Detroit PistonsAll I can say is BIG WIN for our Philadelphia 76ers.  Not only was it against the 2nd seed Detroit Pistons, but it comes after a very disappointing performance at home Monday night against the Celtics.  That is the sign of a team that is turning the corner.  A loss like Monday’s can easily deflate a bad team, but the Sixers proved they are no longer in that bottom category in the league. 

This win, along with others recently, tells me a lot of very promising things about the team:

  1. They are ready to compete with the better teams in the NBA.  Beating Phoenix and Detroit on the road and Dallas at home is clear proof of that.
  2. For this young team a win on the road against the Pistons is a huge confidence boost going into a potential first round match-up with Detroit.  Sure they may get beat up in a 7-game series, but it won’t be from lack of effort.
  3. Consistency – The Sixers are no longer losing games to bad teams or losing for long stretches, but they are putting together healthy winning streaks of their own.
  4. Winning characteristics – The ability to steal one on the road and win ugly against a good team is a classic trait of a solid basketball team.
  5. We have the right coach – This point alone deserves its own post.  Maurice Cheeks has done a few things that are worth reiterating here. 
    1. He has proven he can get the most out of marginal talent.
    2. He has proven he can develop young players.
    3. He has proven he can put this team in a position to win every night.
    4. Most importantly, he has proven he can motivate his players to compete every night.  They haven’t had many let downs against weak teams the last two months, and they have gotten up when they have beaten good teams.

Tonight’s game was another win most people marked down in the loss column.  These surprising wins are a welcomed trend for a city of fans that has been searching, dying for any reason to support this team.  Now we have it.


40 Responses

  1. I the way you say on the road and at home seems backwards to me.

    #5 Well if he can learn that Thad is one of the best players on the team and that he has to play 30 minutes I will agree moreso.

    Cheeks is too stubborn for my liking and needs to sit Lou down and teach him a lesson. He did it with Carney for a month. I think it may be time to sit Lou down for a week or so to get the message through to him that he is playing horribly and poisoning the team.

  2. Joe – Not exactly sure what you are talking about in the last month the Sixers have beaten Detroit and Phoenix on the road and Dallas (and Orlando to mention) at home. What don’t you understand?

    In 2008 Thad has only played under 24 minutes once. I don’t like him playing the power forward at all and with the way Willie Green has played lately finding 30 minutes is a bit of a challenge. Had Green been playing like crap I would agree with you moreso. But Green has been taking much better shots and providing a decent 3-point threat.

    Lou Williams has hit a wall lately and the way Carney played I can see Mo transfering minutes there as well as getting Ollie more minutes to gear up for the playoffs which I expect him to play much more, especially if Lou continues to struggle. Poisoning the team is a bit much though.

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  4. Li’l Mo (Cheeks) is doing a terrific job this season.

  5. Lets say Green has been “hitting his shots”. BILL does not like to pass and jacks way to many shots in my mind for a player of his caliber.

    We will see what the Sixers can do in their next three though. SHOULD beat Chicago, we usually play very well in the United Center. Then the defending champs and the Nuggz at home. Two realllly good teams, and a good measuring stick for the 76ers.

  6. The 76ers will lose to Chicago.


  7. WHOA Khandor – Don’t forget this is a blog by two Philly guys. I am all for debating an issue but negativity without substance to back the claim is weak.

    Also, put your link in the URL field not in the actually comment text so it shows up on your name like Brian’s. Also I can add you to our links page if you give me a tag line.


  8. “The 76ers will lose to Chicago.” – HAA

    a friendly wager says otherwise

    Larry Hughes already told me hes shaving points, he misses the (215)

  9. Dannie,

    When I’ve posted comments on your blog, it hasn’t shown me an “URL” field to insert info into.

    Help with this would be appreciated. 🙂

    Strictly a friendly wager then on the Phi/Chi game, straight-up. I’ll take the Da Bulls. 🙂

  10. Deal, should make for some nice ish-talking in the AM

  11. Khandor – not sure why it doesn’t work. If you are signed into wordpress it should do it automatically. Like it does for you on your blog in the comments.

  12. Mo is the MAN, I’m surprised they only gave him one year. I was expecting 2-3 he’s deserved it.

  13. Oh by the way you mind if we trade straight up. My team’s got Isiah coaching, we’ll trade you for Mo’

    Please I’m beggin

  14. Dannie,

    Here’s another comment … just to see if I’ve fixed the problem.

    re: our friendly wager

    Can I put in 1 itty-bitty caveat?

    Ty Thomas has to be given at least 18 minutes of PT by the incompetent coach of Da Bulls, Jim Boylan … who seems intent on destroying the motivation & chemistry of the young players on his own team.

    If TT is forced to sit out for looooong stretches of the game … not sure that I can stomuch losing a ‘friendly’ cause of this characters coaching ineptitude.

    just kidding … no matter what goes down … we got ourselves a bet 🙂

  15. Hey, I fixed the problem!

  16. Congratulation! both of your blog, and this post are high ranked in
    “The top blogs of the day” report

  17. I agree with Khondor: we lose to Chicago. It’s one of those inexplicable games we are bound to lose. It’s very rare a team “beats the teams we should” and loses to “the teams that would normally kick our a**”. There are always a few exceptions that go both ways.

    We beat Detroit, that was an unexpected win…I think losing to Chicago, an inconsistent team right in the hunt for the 8th seed, that can sometimes play tough, scrappy, with great defense, and can sometimes catch streaky shooter’s fire between Hinrich, Gordon and L-Hughes… is just as likely as us taking down one of the Western Conference big boys. Hopefully we get the win, but I think it’s dangerous to simply overlook that game.

  18. Oh the doubters and naysayers. I agree there are those games like Detroit when the team is expected to lose and they pull it out and vice versa.

    I don’t think anyone is overlooking Chicago and I hope the team isn’t already looking at San Antonio on Saturday at home. I just think the Sixers are playing much much better basketball right now. Combine that with Chicago being a bit and at times very combustible. This is a game the Sixers should win. Chicago has too many young knuckleheads, way too many guards competing and complaining about minutes and I flat out hate Jokim Noah so I will never admit a team with him in the starting line-up having a chance to win, especially against my team. Yeah biased I know. haha

  19. Dannie,

    re: and I flat out hate Jokim Noah so I will never admit a team with him in the starting line-up having a chance to win, especially against my team. Yeah biased I know. haha

    Can’t afford to ‘hate’ any 1 team in the line of work I’m in … 🙂 … but certainly can understand your passion, as a ‘fan’, supporting your fav team.

    Strictly on the basis of each team’s player personnel and coaching, tonight’s game could realistically go either.

  20. oops … I meant to say,

    could go either way.

  21. Khandor – what work do you do?

  22. Working as a Sport Consultant is part of what I do. 🙂

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  24. Dannie,


    You’re ahead … 1-0.

    PS. Da Bulls “total collapse” in the final 6 min of the 4thQ … after being up by 16 pts … was difficult to endure :- (

  25. Khandor, thanks I’ll take it.

    This team really has no quit and I loving the way they are playing right now. Total team basketball and 110% effort. I can say it enough Mo Cheeks deserves his fair share of the credit for keeping this team afloat during the rough run in early January to now when they are one of the hottest teams in the NBA behind the Rockets.

  26. Beating San Antonio at home tonight, on the heels of last night’s giant comeback @ Chicago is a terrific accomplishment for this team.

    How high can they finish in the Eastern Conference standings?

    If they keep playing like this, chasing 5th now becomes a realistic possibility.

  27. Khandor, I think you and I need to keep predicting Sixers losses during this March gauntlet schedule they have. They are 2-0 so far for the Chicago and San Antonio games when we put ourselves out on a limb with a prediction. Clearly, the X factor for the win streak is from Andre and Iggy’s avid reading of the Recliner GM and wanting to prove us wrong.

  28. Dave,

    Clearly the ‘X factor’ is … you and me. 🙂

  29. Khandor, another bet as the Nuggets game approaches.

    Dannie – you going?

  30. Nawh … unfortunately, I think the 76ers can actually beat the Nuggets, straight-up … which will probably put the curse of ‘death’ on ‘Li’l Mo’s Wrecking Crew’ for that game. 🙂

  31. Brian – I am working on it. Waiting to hear back from someone now. Either way I will probably grab some tix tonight or tomorrow morning. I am willing to pay a little extra for this game.

  32. You sure Khandor? Nuggets did just score 168 points and are playing well. Need to keep you and Dave T. on the opposite side, that seems to be working lately.

  33. I have two in the upper level right at mid court. Waiting to hear back from the gf to see if I can upgrade that to her dad’s luxury box and watch this game in style. Sucks to sit up top after being in the box all season.

  34. Looks like I will be sitting in Section 115 row 13. Not bad. Hopefully I can figure out how to take decent game shots this time.

  35. Am I the only one that is half rooting for AI to drop 50 on us and take the W, or is that hometown sports heresy?

  36. Dave – I can not root against the Sixers even a little bit. My dedication to the team outweighs my love for the little man. I want AI to play well and I want to see a great game. But for me the Sixers moving up to the 6th seed is more intriguing than Denver finding a way into the 8th seed (although I wish that would happen as well).

  37. And…the Wizards finally lose a game! One game out of the 6th seed!

    I also just realized that if we go 1-1 against Bron and co. in our next two Cavs games for 2-1 on the season…and the Bosh-less Raptors continue to crap it up…we could potentially have home court advantage in a 4-5 Cleveland matchup, where our fans would go beserk in support of this hardworking team.

    But, umm, since my pessimism seemed to help the Sixers win streak…*cough* Sixers will lose to the Nuggets next game, without a doubt *cough*

  38. Thata boy Dave, stick to the game plan.

    If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it.


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