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Zumoffisms: Top 10 Quotes From the Sixers’ Play-by-Play Man

Mark Zumoff - Sixers play-by-play manOne of the best things about watching Philadelphia 76ers games on TV is the enthusiastic call by long-time play-by-play announcer Mark Zumoff.

For Sixers fans: Don’t you just love it when he goes ballistic everytime one of our players ferociously throws one down or gets a blocked shot in the crucial moments in close games?   So without further ado…

Here are My Top 10 Mark Zumoffisms

10. “Nothing doing”

9.   “Down it goes”

8.   “The bump-and-run”

7.   “Playing amongst the trees”

6.   “Whistles are silent”

5.   “All cotton for [fill in Sixer player]”

4.   “Bustin’ a move”

3.   “Picking up some loose change”

2.   “Locking all windows and doors”

And my #1 Mark Zumoffism is…
“For the win……YESSSSSS @#*&%^?#%$^&#$#!!!!” (Sadly this one doesn’t happen as often as we all would like.)

I know these aren’t all of the signature quotes from the Sixers play-by-play man.  So what’s your favorite Mark Zumoffism?


13 Responses

  1. no love for “turning garbage into gold”?

  2. “In rhythm”

  3. Haven’t heard “in rhythm” as much since Korver was traded. I am sure it will return with more frequency once the Sixers bring in another 3-pt threat.

  4. John – Definitely a worthy choice for the list.

  5. How about ‘ We’re on the see-saw now”. A classic. I also enjoy an enthusiastic ” Innn rhythm for two”

  6. “Unfinished business” – Just heard that one tonight after Iggy missed a lay-up after a really nice drive.

  7. OK who was watching the game last night. I was watching off and on and at one point I heard the best ZUMOFF-ism of all time. I have never heard it before, but it should be patented. It was late in the 4th and the Griz cut it to 8 and the sixers were in need of a bucket. Andre Miller took it upon himself to make a move, nice head fake, and there ya go, bucket. Zumoff roars, and I quote, “You NEED Something? Dial 1-800- ANDRE-MILLER!!!” I died laughing and was rolling on the floor. Classic, had to hear it.

  8. Brian – that is awesome. I missed the game last night but hopefully he uses that one more often if Miller is on the team after the Feb. 21st trade deadline.

  9. Some Exciting times ahead.

  10. […] Sixers reserves on the floor and everyone is saying “Ok, this game is over.”  In fact Mark Zumoff and Bob Salmi had a whole conversation about when Mo Cheeks would concede the game and rest his […]

  11. […] on average allowed 31 points per quarter.  Coach Cheeks got his team to slow the game down and as Mark Zumoff would say “Lock all windows and doors” only giving up 20 points in the final quarter.  […]

  12. Earlier this season against the Heat (not sure which game, but I’m pretty sure it was in Philly), Miami successfully executed a pick and roll, and Zumoff’s call was “Wade to a rolling Blount”

    Going back a ways, when the song was popular, Zumoff would use “Gettin jiggy wit it” usually for an Iverson crossover or drive to the basket.

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