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Johan Santana Traded to the Mets

I can’t write an analysis of this move without swearing.  I have nothing further to add. 


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  2. On the bright side, Johan Santana has yet to get Pedro Feliz out.

    Phillies vs. Santana

    Iguchi = 8/37 (.216)
    Rowand = 9/36 (.250)
    Helms = 2/8 (.250)
    Barajas = 2/7 (.286)
    Rollins = 0/3
    Burrell = 0/1
    Nunez = 0/1

  3. on the not so bright side, they just got santana and we still have adam eaton.

    pete can we can get a position by position comparison between the phillies and mets?

  4. The Phillies are now out of the playoffs looking in. You have to think the West is stronger so the wild card will come from that division.

    So let’s recap the Mets and Phillies. I guess if the Phillies can count on the Mets to turn in historic collapses every fall, then they’ve got a chance, but oh wait, the Mets just got the best pitcher in baseball.

    The Mets have now just pencilled in 95 to 100 wins, can the Phillies match that? Not with this team, they MUST get Livian Hernadez to have a prayer.

  5. By the Nice job on the Twins part. They could have had a MUCH better deal had they taken the Yankees offer. Hugges is a legit starter in any roster, young and not earning anything, and Melky just could be an all-star centerfielder (and already equal to the Flying Hawaiian’s stats) something the Twins REALLY need with the loss of Torii Hunter

  6. News is today that the Mets are balking at the price and number of years that Johan wants… so maybe he’s a Yankee after all ! Excellent news for me.

  7. It’s hard to believe the Mets got Santana for that group of prospects. They’re not bad by any means, but Seattle is offering Baltimore more for Erik Bedard.

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