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Amazing Irregularity: 10 Stats Unique to A.I.

He just continues to astound. As a Sixers fan, I remember 3 years ago hearing that Allen Iverson, coming off an injury, had taken too much of a beating, was too small, and left it all on the court too often to continue to play at such a high level anymore. Once you hit 30, guards of his size hit a wall. There were piles of stats to prove it. And those guards were bigger than him, stronger than him, didn’t throw their bodies into the paint like they were made of stainless steel. He was done, it was over. That is, until he won his 4th scoring title.

A year later, the off-season brings the same concerns. Surely THIS is the year he breaks down. It has to be… until…33.0 points per game. The highest of his career, and the highest by anyone in NBA history over the age of 30.

Two years later, Iverson is in a new city, is 32 years old, and is playing some of the best basketball of his career. He is an irregularity, an anomaly. A 5 foot, 11 inch, 165-pounder who can score at will, take a beating while playing more minutes than anyone else, and do so into his 30’s. Below are 10 interesting stats that paint a picture of Iverson, a player like none we will see again.

  1. This season, he is averaging more points than Kobe Bryant, more assists than Tony Parker and more steals than everyone except Chris Paul and Baron Davis.
  2. Iverson is shooting the highest FG% of his career (46.5%), a higher percentage than Kobe, Chris Bosh and Paul Pierce.
  3. If he keeps this pace, he will be the oldest player to average 25 points, 7 assists and 2 steals per game in a season – by 3 years (Larry Bird, 29).
  4. Iverson is 3rd all-time in PPG (27.8) and 5th in Steals (2.29 per game).
  5. If he plays 5 more seasons, at below career averages of 22 ppg, 6 apg, 1.5 spg and 70 games per season. He would finish 5th all time in points (29,413), 13th in assists (6,971) and 4th in steals (2,315). He would also join Oscar Robertson as the only players in the top 15 all-time in points and assists.
  6. Owns the top 8 seasons for PPG by a player under 6 feet tall.
  7. Has 3,764 more points than anyone under 6 feet (Calvin Murphy). He has 10,056 more than the 3rd ranked player (Damon Stoudamire). Also, he just passed Stoudemire for most rebounds in a career by a player under 6-feet (2,993).
  8. At 165 pounds, ranks 4th all-time in minutes per game (41.8) – behind Chamberlain, Russell and Robertson – and 5th all-time in Free-Throws per game (9.2).
  9. Since his rookie season (1996-97), has 1,562 more points than anyone in the league, 202 more steals, is 7th in assists and 2nd in minutes.
  10. One of 2 players to average 30 ppg in the playoffs – the other being Michael Jordan.

17 Responses

  1. This is awesome! Deserved praise for the little man.

  2. Amazing stats. Iverson is truly a once in a lifetime player. We’ll never see another like him again. Now, If he can only get a ring, he’ll go down as one of the top 5 of all time. If not, he’ll still be top 15.

  3. ai is a beast!

  4. Iverson was spell-binding even to someone who is not a real sports fan. I saw him playing on TV recently and really missed the fact that he was no longer in Phila. I’m glad to see he is actually as great as I thought he was.

  5. Pete, once again terrific research. Keep up the great work. However, there are some A.I. stats you forgot to mention:

    1. While his playoff scoring average is impressive, the only playoff stat that matters is wins. His playoff winning percentage (.448) is so inferior to Michael Jordan’s (.665) that it should be a crime to ever mention “AI,” “MJ,” and “playoffs” in the same sentence.

    2. One of AI’s most notable achievements was a press conference where he mentioned how insignificant “practice” is 20 times (probably to coincide with the number of actual practices he has skipped) embarrassing himself, his coach, his team, and every hardworking player in the NBA.

    3. While he certainly is a remarkable player at 5’11’’ (or 6’ as most sources claim), his small size makes him inch-for-inch one of the most egotistical players in the league. Also, it is easy to overlook his small size with all the extra baggage he brings wherever he goes. (I apologize for that horribly stupid pun)

  6. The biggest shame is that Iverson is as much a spectacle and controversy that people often overlook these stats (or they become overshadowed).

    The numbers may speak highly of his game, but his temperament and behavior are poor and were destructive to the Sixers. I’m glad he’s out of Philly, and so will all of you when the Sixers bring home the championship in 2011.

  7. GARGS is an AI hater.

  8. While an entertaining player that I loved to watch, the point remains that he is 5′ 11″ and thus a defensive liability. Plus he never made those around him any better because he took way too many shots.

    Hall of Famer ? Most likely, but not someone to build a playoff team around which begs the question does he deserve HOF.

  9. Defensive liability? I think you need to take a look at the stats listed above again. At most he may be a liability when guarding someone 6’6” that can take advantage of him in the post, but that is rarely the case. I can’t really argue with your statement about not making the players around him better, but take a look at the squad he lead to the NBA finals… They all suck so he must have been doing something right, that supporting cast might even be the worst ever to make it to the NBA finals.

    There is no question that AI deserves to be future Hall of Famer. Your just another hater.

  10. Joe Beck – AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sixers will never win a championship that soon – especially when Iguadala is so inconsistent, and they trade Andre Miller BACK to Denver to join your beloved A.I. – Who I am POSITIVE you wouldn’t mind having back. Sixers might when a championship if they come in last place the next 3 years and gobble up all the lottery picks.

  11. Someone just remember to bump this at the conclusion of the 2011-2012 season.

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  14. Iverson is amazing. Playing some of the best ball of his career this year, half the time at Pointguard and half the btime playing off the ball at the 2.

    Averages more assists than Chauncey or Parker with less tturnovers than Nash or Kidd while shooting better percentage than Baron Davis……… all while averaging more points than all of them.

    Doing this while leading the Nuggets (along with melo) to 10 plus games over .500 by just the midway point of the season.

    Doing all this at 32 years old. Scratching 6 feet tall and only 166 pounds……..

    Iverson is my favorite and best allaround player as a little man since Isiah Thomas.

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  17. […] Nuggets – Allen Iverson is always full of awesome stats. This season, he became the oldest player (32) to average 26 points, 7 assists and 41 minutes a […]

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