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Perfection for the New England Patriots – Not Just Yet!

The New England Patriots are STILL chasing the '72 Miami Dolphin's perfection.After finishing off the New York Giants in similar fashion as they have finished off every other team this year – Brady to Moss – the New England Patriots complete a remarkable 16-0 regular season.  Though most consider their achievement the greatest run in NFL history, I see it as the perfect backdrop for the biggest, most pressure-filled football games these players will ever experience.

If you thought Saturday night’s game was nerve-racking for the Patriots, consider the alternative outcomes:

  1. They lose; end their pursuit of perfection and go on to win the Super Bowl.  They are still considered one of it not the greatest football team ever.  Their regular season loss further solidifies the ’72 Dolphins feat in history.
  2. They lose; play well in the playoffs, make it to the Super Bowl and lose.  Their team is still considered one of the best, but more credit is given to their opponent’s win in the championship.
  3. They lose; fall early in the playoffs and their collapse is duly noted.

But they won, as expected.  Now the real games begin.  Not only are they playing for their 4th Super Bowl in 7 years.  They are playing to avoid being remembered for the biggest collapse in NFL history. With such gaudy numbers as a perfect regular season, 19.7 average margin of victory, single-season records for TD passes (50 – Brady), TD catches (23 – Moss) and team scoring (589), it seems inevitable that they will sit side-by-side with Shula, Griese, Csonka, and the rest of the ’72 Dolphins. 

The pressure resonated through the cliché – “Any given Sunday” has never been more evident. Nothing is guaranteed, and that is why they play the games!


3 Responses

  1. side by side are you crazy ?

    If they win it all, they are head and shoulders over the ’72 overrated Dolphins and easily the best team of all time.

    The ’72 Dolphins had zero pressure compared to now, and they only played 2 teams that were over .500 during the regular season.

    The Pats by contrast beat 2 perfect teams probably a first time ever for teams with more than 5 wins.

    They beat the unbeaten Colts (7-0) , and the unbeaten Cowboys (5-0)

    Plus of course the division winning Steelers and Chargers, not to mention the Redskins, and Giants who all made the playoffs. And the 10 win Browns who should have made the playoffs.

    By the way is this the very first time a diving winning team has beaten 4 other division winners ?? I’d bet yes, and I’d bet the Pats had the toughest schedule ever.

  2. First – IF the Pats win the Super Bowl it will be a FACT that only 2 teams in NFL history will have completed a perfect championship run therefore putting the ’72 Dolphins and ’07 Patriots side-by-side in history.

    Second – To consider a team that went undefeated in Pro sports let alone any level of sports is completely ridiculous. Anyone who has played competitive sports at any level can speak to the difficulty of such a feat regardless of the competition. Why do you think the saying “Played down to the competition” has been coined in sports? The fact that ONLY 2 other teams besides the Dolphins & Pats have had a perfect regular season further solidifies the Dolphin’s accomplishment in history. Let alone that those two teams couldn’t finish the deal for the ring.

    Third – In no way, shape or form was this a post dedicated to which of the undefeated teams is better head-to-head. ESPN and Bill Parcells have been doing a good job of that on Sportscenter recently.

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