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A Quick Take on the Korver Trade

Aside from the fact that I always find it hilarious when Utah trades for, signs, or drafts someone who is really, really white to appease their fan base, the Kyle Korver for Gordon Giricek and a 1st rounder is a very surprising and intriguing trade.

 With this trade, Ed Stefanski has made a statement that this team is going to have his stamp on it sooner rather than later. Korver was a player drafted and signed by Billy King and King often reffered to him as one of their “untouchable” players. This trade gives Stefanski an expiring contract in Giricek and a 1st round pick, both of which will turn into 2 new players, of his choosing, in 2008.

 My guess is that Stefanski didn’t think a one-dimensional player like Korver was worth the money he was getting. I tend to agree, but Korver will be missed. After Iverson left, the two things that really got the Wachovia crowd going was an Iguodala dunk or a Korver 3-pointer. He was a joy to watch shoot, but frustrating to watch on the defensive end.

As for Giricek, he had a falling out with Jerry Sloan, and once you are in his dog house, you don’t get out. Here’s hoping he embraces the change and steps in as our starting SG. The couple times I’ve seen him play he strikes me a solid player and good shooter.

Stefanski’s reputation is that he is a great evaluator of talent – and after this trade, he will have a blank check and multiple first round picks in the offseason to prove it to us. Let’s hope he gets it right.


10 Responses

  1. You’re ridiculous and completely out of line to suggest that the Utah front office trying to acquire white guys in order to appease the fan base. Get a clue.

  2. Are you a moron? Because only a moron would suggest that an NBA team would try to pick up people of a certain race to appease its fan base. Are you implying something or purposely trying to be racist?

  3. Dear Doug and Adam,

    I was clearly making a joke – and don’t actually think that the Utah front office makes moves based on race.

    However, they do ALWAYS have more white people on their team than the league average. I just went through every roster and found that 21% of players in the NBA are white. That’s 3 players per team.

    In the last 10 years, here are the number of white people on the Jazz

    2007/08- 5
    2006/07- 5
    2005/06- 5
    2004/05- 6
    2003/04- 7
    2002/03- 8
    2001/02- 5
    2000/01- 6
    1999/00- 4
    1998/99- 6

    The fact that Salt Lake City has one of the highest caucasian populations of big cities and the Jazz always have more caucasians that the league average, often times double, has always been funny to me. But I’m pretty sure it’s just a strange coincidence. Not sure how pointing out this coincidence makes me racist, or how a white person can be racist against other white people.

    But hey, thanks for checking out the blog.

  4. I laughed, so at least someone thought it was a joke. Oh, and Giricek is white as well (yes, he’s European), so if you knew that it would probably be more obvious that his quadruple reverse-racism was not serious, since giving up a first rounder is another opportunity lost for Utah to appease it’s fan base with more mediocre white talent. Damn.

  5. Nice statistics on the Utah Jazz racial makeup. Always sorta knew that.(just didn’t have time to research it) . Agree with your take on the deal, everyone will miss Korver. Yet , the pick and expiring contract make it a steal. Utah did get the better white guy though : ) LOVE the Blog, just put it to the Top 5 on my favorites! Happy New Year P and D!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Korver’s defense was not so bad. He looked bad when trying to guard a man one-on-one, but in the NBA most people look bad in that situation. On the other hand, he was a smart defensive player, took charges, helped out on defense and often blocked shots from behind. He was also a pretty good rebounder. I just hope that losing a proven scorer (not just a shooter) like Korver doesn’t come back to haunt the Sixers. That said, when I read about the first round pick and that Giricek’s contract expires at the end of this season, it does appear to potentially be a good deal.

  7. I think this was a brilliant move by Stefanski. Korver had maxed out his potential as a player here. He hit his threes, spread the floor, yes…but in four years, while he had improved his passing and dribbling a bit, really didn’t bring any diversity to his game overall or the Sixers offense.

    You trade Korver for Giricek (really his contract, no way we’re keeping him) to get 4 million off the cap…AND what has gone under the radar…a future 1st round pick?!

    In one “tweak” trade Stefanski opens up more PT for Thaddeus Young and Carney…gives us $4 million more to throw at a FA this summer…and gets a 1st round pick…for basically a guy that only shoots threes? That’s a nice move.

  8. […] easy to overlook, but the Korver trade did more than just free up additional cap space this summer.  More importantly, moving Kyle made […]

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