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What I Really Want for Christmas

1. Chad Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, or any other elite WR the Eagles can get their hands on– Plain and simple, Donovan deserves another chance with a quality wide-out. He toiled through Todd Pinkson, Charles Johnson, Torrence Small etc, etc and still led us to playoff wins. The ONE year he had an elite WR, he had 104.7 QB Rating and we went to the Super Bowl, only to lose to a truly great football team. He is better than the majority of NFL QB’s and can be spectacular with a game breaking WR. Hopefully the Eagles take a break from their stubborn nature and give McNabb the weapon he needs. Getting rid of him is not the answer – yet.
2. A healthy starting rotation for the Phillies – As exciting as the So Taguchi signing is, the Phillies 2008 campaign will rest on the shoulders of their non-improved starting rotation. Luckily, there were so many injuries in the rotation last year that this crew can improve simply by going out there every 5th day. Unfortunately, the “crew” consists of 2 guys with a history of DL stints (Hamels and Myers), an unproven sophomore (Kendrick), a legitimately 45 year-old man (Moyer) and some combination of Adam Eaton, Chad Durbin and somebody so good, the last-place Giants didn’t protect him in the Rule 5 Draft (Travis Blackley, career ERA, 9.35).
3. That anybody but the Patriots or Cowboys win the Super Bowl – I tried to write a paragraph explaining this, but my dislike is just so engrained in my being that I couldn’t gather words to do so adequately.
4. That David Lee and Kyle Lowry get traded to teams that don’t suck – These two guys are a joy to watch, but their teams are so un-watchable they don’t ever make national TV. The world at large needs to see these kids play – they define leaving it all on the court.
5. That Notre Dame football is playing on New Year’s Day in 2009 – and that they deserve to be there- Notre Dame has a tendency to be placed in bowl games they shouldn’t be in because they are a huge draw for the bowl and the TV network. The result is they often play better opponents, lose, and look like, well, they didn’t belong there in the first place. Next year, I would love to see us in a bowl game for our play on the field, not the monetary benefits off of it.
6. Villanova makes the Final Four, at some point – For a city so in love with college basketball, Philadelphia hasn’t had the chance to go crazy for a final four weekend since Villanova took home the title in 1985. The current Nova team is filled with an exciting young core, a very good coach and a bright future (more on this in a future post). They are currently ranked #16 – and don’t have a single senior on the team. They will be good for a couple years, and have the potential to be great.
7. A Championship – For God’s Sake – I was born in 1983, the year the Sixers won the NBA title. Since that title, the 4 Philadelphia teams have played in 84 playoffs series (or games for the Eagles) and 7 championships. They have won 0 titles. If I could only get one thing for Christmas, I’d want to know what it feels like to have a team you love win a title, just once.


7 Responses

  1. 1. You’re not getting Fitzgerald or Boldin.
    2. You’re not OK with the Pats or Cowboys, but are OK with the Colts and Giants?
    3. If New York trades David Lee, Isiah Thomas might get killed.

  2. I agree, if the NYN trade Lee Isiah will be hung from a basket in the Garden! They are already starting small protest groups. hahaha

  3. For a team built on passing the ball 60 to 80% of the time, not having a great WR is so frustrating. A bunch of #2’s gets you close but not close enough. That said if they don’t get a true #1 WR then we might as well trade Donovan while we can still get something for him. Just understand the EAGLES will SUCK once he is gone.

    Go Pats, as much as I hate them, watching history unfold before you is a lot of fun.

  4. I would love to see these things happen and i kinda thought of Chad Johnson or some angry reciever coming here to make our team better. We seem to can’t pick up recievers who dominate the league. In these days in time…to be a very phsyical person will help in every sport. Being conservative and laid back won’t get you anything in sports. People won’t even take you serious when it comes to sports if you aren’t. you must be able to present a great argument and be able to work as hard as possible to succeed in whatever sport you are in. The key with the Philly sports..very difficult to get over hump and they need to be more demanding like Boton and LA and New York..when they start loosing…they get what is needed..that’s what Philly needs to do. and For Notre Dame…they deserve the bowl they get. They are not what people say they are. Yeah, they play tough teams but have the tendency to lose and not win in those tough games. People see Notre Dame as a giant and can’t be destroyed, they proved it this year and they year before that they lost in the bowl. Notre Dame is Independent and in most respect…good idea..but can’t seem to win big on teams!…Get them in a real conference and have them play real teams and we’ll see!

  5. Birds O will get better next year. Andrews has been banged up, Celek will step in for Smith (Watch out for him. Celek is the 2nd coming of Chad Lewis). They need a downfield receiver though.

  6. how bout a post on Italian league volleyball

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