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1-Year Anniversary of the A.I. Trade: Was it the “Answer”?

The single greatest moment in the history of Allen Iverson with the Sixers.  The good old days.Allen Iverson doesn’t seem to think so:

“If I was still in Philadelphia, I don’t think they would be in the predicament that they’re in right now,” Iverson said. “The way the East is, I would think that we would be right there in the hunt. . . . I look at (Philadelphia’s) games right now, and it looks like a rec league game or an AAU game when you see the attendance there. It just looks dull.” – Rocky Mountain News

Exactly one year from the worst day in the history of me being a Philadelphia 76ers fan I got to thinking: was that trade the answer? Was trading the most beloved basketball player in Philadelphia since Dr. J the right move to turn around the Sixers’ plummeting attendance and unbearable performance?  Let’s take a look…

Sixers got:

Andre Miller,

Expiring contract of Joe smith and

2 first round draft picks – Jason Smith and the since-waived Derrick Byars (this kid was sick at Vanderbilt; I would take him over Rodney Carney any day of the week)

Nuggets got:

Allen Iverson

Ivan McFarland (not even worth mentioning)

Fast forward to December 19th, 2007 what is the state of the Sixers one year later? Here are the top 5 positive outcomes of the trade:

  1. Billy King fired
  2. Billy King fired – and someone that actually knows how to spell basketball was hired
  3. Billy King fired – we won’t have a GM with the brain of a chimpanzee spending the money
  4. We have enough money to aggressively go after Elton Brand this summer
  5. Andre Miller is a solid veteran pass-first PG to distribute the ball (if only he had anyone really worth passing to!)

And the negatives:

  • Allen Iverson 2007 #s (I thought he was declining and couldn’t keep up this pace?):
    • Best FG% of his career – 46.6%
    • 2nd best APG of his career – 7.5 (wait that’s better than Andre Miller)
    • Taking less 3pt shots and shooting the 4th best % of his career – 32.8%
    • On Dec. 5th while the Sixers were getting handled by the Celtics in front of a half filled arena A.I. was preparing to drop 51 on the Lakers (I am crying as I type this!)
  • No superstar worth paying to watch play
  • Sixers record: 10-14 including the 5th worst scoring offense (at least if they were high scoring they could be exciting to watch)
  • Sixers average attendance: 12,126 (second worst in the NBA)

Bill Simmons says it best, “The lesson, as always: Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER trade a superstar for less than 75 cents on the dollar.”

With that said I believe the jury is still out given the change in GM.  The feeling in Philly now that Ed’s the man is a sense of confidence and hope.  I believe this summer will be the defining time for this franchise given the circumstances explained in the previous posts (1, 2).  It will either be the changing of the tide for the Sixers or the continued agony of their fans.

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